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Membrane Distillation

“Built to address the world’s toughest industrial water treatment challenges”


Our design and process was developed to address the high costs typically associated with brine management.


KMX utilizes a low temperature thermal process and a low pressure operating system.


This energy efficient design allows us to deploy cost savings solutions across various industries and applications.

KMX Technologies is a Hollow Fiber Membrane Distillation technology provider.



Our patented technology and processes were developed to address the world’s toughest water treatment challenges.

KMX’s underlying separation technology allows for a two-pronged value proposition:


Advanced Treatment & Remediation

Our processes and technologies separate dissolved solids and contaminants from industrial waste-streams.


Resource Recovery

When present, our technology also allows for the separation of value-added by-products from waste-streams, including critical minerals such as Rare Earth Elements and lithium.

Solar Water Heater

What We Do

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Resource Recovery

Critical Minerals


High Performance

Process  Improvement

Reducing Opex and Carbon Footprint