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Dr. Hubert Fleming


Dr. Hubert Fleming, Former Head of Global Engineering at Anglo American, Global Managing Director, Hatch Ltd. He received master and doctorate degrees in chemical engineering from Cornell University, and is a graduate of the Executive Management Program at Harvard Business School. Hu is well known in engineering and environmental circles, with more than a hundred publications, sixteen patents, and four books in various aspects of water/engineering management, including the Handbook of Membrane Technology.


Head of Technology

Dr. Ghayeni carries a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.  Sean has developed solutions to serious water problems for global corporations.  He is a recognized specialist in the treatment of viruses, bacteria, parasites and chemicals.

Harvey Vowels

Sales Engineer

Kris Ward was appointed Project Manager a few years ago after working in similar roles in some of the best engineering firms in the country. Definitely a great asset to our team!