Distillation Product Line

Commercial Module

Our Hollow Follow Fiber Module is the first commercial hollow fiber vacuum membrane distillation module to come to market. Depending on feed water quality this module is rated at 1 GPM.

commercial module 1.JPG

Lab Module

Below is our lab scale module. This module will work with standard 2.5 inch hollow fiber membranes, allowing KMX the ability to validate and test varying water qualities with varying membrane models.

Lab  module image.jpg

KMX Distillation Lab

Our state of the membrane distillation lab is the most advanced in North America. Our ability to run complex analysis in real time allows us to give clients the most relevant data related to advanced treatment and resource recovery options.


Mobile Pilot System

The KMX mobile treatment unit is ideal for challenging terrains and at source (including tailings dams and arid environments).

4 gpm mobile Pilot unit2.png

4 GPM Skid Mounted System

Our 4 GPM skid mounted pilot was developed for end users who wanted to be able to pilot commercial scale modules within an operation factory environment.

Edmonton System.JPG

10 GPM System Skid

The 10 gpm system was developed due to high customer interest in small footprint brine concentration zero liquid discharge options.

100 - 600 GPM System 

Our 100 - 600 gpm systems are designed to meet the needs of large scale industrial end users that produce high volume high TDS wastewater streams.